Introducing Susan Crutchfield Photography's New Logo!

I am so excited to share my new logo with everyone! I held off on getting a professionally designed logo until I built my business and tried to find out what direction I wanted to go in. I was really fortunate to come in contact with Scott Fuller of The Studio Temporary. Scott sat down and we talked about my business, my vision and why I love photography. He wanted to find out what makes me the photographer I am. One story I told him really stuck out. When I was young I used to take photos all the time with my dad's 35mm camera. I would get rolls and rolls of film developed weekly. That was where my love of photography was first born. Scott took what I told him and he based my logo on 35 mm cameras. When I look at this logo I remember how I first loved photography and how dreams really can come true.

This photo is a picture of my new logo with my Dad's old 35mm

This photo is a picture of my new logo with the first camera I ever bought for myself. I was very young and the camera was cheap, but I was so excited!