Marcus Six Months {Roswell Children's Photographer}

Marcus is a special kid! I have photographed every part of his life —and before his life, when I first took photos of his parents' engagement night. I've loved getting to see him every three months for his first year. Watching him grow has been an incredible experience. 

I believe that the six-month milestone is a special one. A six-month-old is just starting to have his own personality and develop the ability to interact with the world around him. And Marcus is definitely full of personality! He loves to laugh, and his giggles and smiles just made me melt. He is the cutest and happiest baby! 

We went and hung out near the Chattahoochee River for his photo shoot. He was fascinated by the rowing team that was practicing on the river. I see a future as a rower for this one! He loved getting kisses and snuggles from his mom and dad. They are such an awesome and fun family! Check out these photos to get a glimpse into our fun day!


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