Photo of the Day: Butch Walker

Butch Walker + Criminal Records= A great night. Butch Walker and a few of his Black Widows played at Criminal Records Sunday evening. If you have never been to Criminal Records you are missing out. It is a great establishment and it would be a shame if it was no longer a part of Atlanta. I have had some great times there and it is an awesome place to take photos. Butch Walker and the Black Widows have an amazing new album out, The Spade. They played several songs from the record. There was also an auction for a Butch Walker signed photograph taken by the amazing Perry Julien and all the fans were able to take a photo booth photo with (the patient) Mr. Walker. It was a terrific evening. Hope you enjoy this photo from the event. Take a minute to check out the Save Criminal Records Facebook page as they have a lot of great events coming up.