Lexi {Fayetteville Newborn Photographer}

I adore this cute little family. I photographed Zachary last year for his two year birthday and I was so excited when they asked me to come back and photograph their beautiful new baby girl. And what a sweet girl she is! Oh my gosh she was so little and precious. She was so sleepy and let me get some amazing photos. Zachary just melted my heart at how much he loves his new sister. When he looked down at her and said I love you it made me tear up. It was just the most precious thing ever. This shoot was before Easter and I just loved Lexi's adorable bunny outfit which Zachary also wore as a baby. I love how everything that Lexi was photographed in or near had a special significance. These photographs will be family heirlooms and I enjoyed creating them so much!

Kathryn Three Months {Peachtree City Baby Photographer}

I had so much fun with one of my favorite families at Line Creek Nature Center. This was their last photo shoot with me while they are residents of Georgia which was very bittersweet. I will miss them very much. Marcus was so fun that day as he was running around and loving being in the woods. He was also really excited about holding my camera. He decided it was more fun to take photos then be in him and so I gave him my backup camera to check out. It was very cute. Kathryn is just the sweetest baby. She is so pretty and happy. She even fell asleep for some of the photos and just looked like a little angel. I love that they all wore cowboy boots in homage to their new home in Texas. Love this family and even though I know they will be back for photo shoots Georgia won't be the same without them. 


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