Glamour. That is the first word that comes to mind when I see these photos of Wesleigh. I feel like we took a step back into the early 60's. We found this amazing abandoned motel in Vilano Beach, FL with these brilliant green and pink colors. I loved the wildness of how plants and trees are slowly creeping over the motel. I could imagine what this motel used to be. I hope you enjoy these photos!  

Photo of the Day: Butch Walker

Butch Walker + Criminal Records= A great night. Butch Walker and a few of his Black Widows played at Criminal Records Sunday evening. If you have never been to Criminal Records you are missing out. It is a great establishment and it would be a shame if it was no longer a part of Atlanta. I have had some great times there and it is an awesome place to take photos. Butch Walker and the Black Widows have an amazing new album out, The Spade. They played several songs from the record. There was also an auction for a Butch Walker signed photograph taken by the amazing Perry Julien and all the fans were able to take a photo booth photo with (the patient) Mr. Walker. It was a terrific evening. Hope you enjoy this photo from the event. Take a minute to check out the Save Criminal Records Facebook page as they have a lot of great events coming up.  

Photo of the Day: The Last Leaf

I went on a "photography walk" with Josh Lamkin and we wondered into a Decatur graveyard. I saw this wall and it immediately caught my fancy. For some reason it reminded me of the O. Henry story, The Last Leaf. It is a beautiful story about a sick young woman who is convinced she will die when the last leaf falls from the vine on the wall outside her window. The last leaf doesn't fall for days in spite of the wind and rain. The young woman feels that it is a sign to get better and that she isn't meant to die. Of course in typical O.Henry fashion there is a twist at the end but I don't want to ruin the story. You can read it here. This stone wall reminded me of that story with the bit of moss still clinging to the wall.



September 11, 2001 is a day most people will never forget. We saw the worst of humanity and we saw the best of humanity. Ten years later we still remember the people we lost whose bravery will live on. This is a photo I took on August 26, 2001. It was my first trip to New York City. I remember how awed I was as we rode on the Staten Island Ferry and saw the New York skyline.  It was so beautiful and majestic. Three weeks later this photo meant so much more.

Summer Contest!

I love many things but two things I really love are summer and taking awesome photos. So I have decided to run a summer photo contest to celebrate the beginning of summer. So here is the deal. I have established a new Facebook photography page in order to get the word out about my photography. I have 95 'likes' but I am trying to get my friends and family to spread the word about my photography services. I am hoping for more 'likes' on my page. So for the summer contest I am offering a FREE one hour photo session plus 5 FREE prints from the session to the person who can refer the most people to my Facebook business page. So this is how you can win: Ask your friends and family to 'like' my Facebook business page(www.facebook.com/scrutchfieldphotography) and then leave me a comment on my wall with the name of the person who referred them. On June 1st I will tally up all the referrals and the person who referred the most gets the photo session. Easy right? The only rule is that the photo session must take place within the greater Atlanta metro area. You can use the photo session for yourself or anyone you know. We could do a family session, individual portrait, baby or infant session, couples portraits or even a pets session! If you have any questions regarding the summer contest please contact me at scrutchfieldphotography@gmail.com. Good luck!!

Rachel + Jeremy=True Love: Day of Wedding

Rachel and Jeremy's wedding day was beautiful!  The day started bright and early with Rachel and her girls getting pampered at Rumors Hair Salon. The wonderful ladies there did fabulous hairstyles and makeup on the bride, mother of the bride and bridesmaids as they enjoyed a relaxing day in the company of friends. There was even an adorable dog at the salon. The wedding ceremony was held on the back patio of the Lebanon Courthouse. The ceremony was beautiful as Rachel and Jeremy pledged their lives to one another on the sun drenched patio. The reception was full of fun as the dj cranked up the tunes. The bride & groom and their friends and family danced the night away.  The food was amazing and delicious and the there was wedding cake and cupcakes galore! The photo booth was a big hit with all the fun props. Rachel and Jeremy left in a shower of sparklers. The wedding was a true testament to the couple's love and was a perfect weekend. I hope you enjoy these photos. And for more on Rachel and Jeremy check out their engagement party and Rachel's bridal shower!

Photo of the Day: Happy Opening Day!

It is baseball opening day! One of the happiest days of the year for me. I love baseball with a passion. I first started taking photographs at Macon Braves minor league games with my dad's SLR. That was back in the days of using a film camera kids! Baseball and photography have been my two passions that have always been closely aligned in my mind. These are some bats and balls from my extensive baseball collection. Happy Opening Day!

Photo of the Day: Bride To Be

Today's photo of the day is very special. This is Ruth at her bachelorette party last weekend. Ruth is getting married tomorrow and I am honored to be shooting her wedding. I have known Ruth so long we don't remember when we met. We grew up in the same church and always had so much fun. When we moved away we lost touch. But we reunited at the same church where we met. We have been great friends ever since and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding. When I think of our friendship I think of lots of laughter, Stone Mountain and Coca-Cola. She is my hero because she is now a missionary in Chincha, Peru. I admire the commitment she has made to serve God as a missionary. She met her wonderful fiance Dax in Peru and I am so thankful they were able to come home to get married. I can't wait to capture Dax and Ruth's special day!

"You only meet your once in a lifetime friend... once in a lifetime."~ from Little Rascals

Rachel's Bridal Shower

The wedding season has begun and the first event of the year is Rachel's bridal shower. I took photographs of her engagement party and it was great to work with her again. Rachel's bridesmaid threw her a Monograms & Mimosa brunch with a chef who cooked custom made omelets for each guest. He also made other amazing food such as chicken & shrimp salad and roasted potatoes. The cake was made by Custom Cakes by Holly   and was in the shape of a cupcake which is how Rachel's fiance proposed to her. The cake was definitely a work of art and was surrounded by matching cupcakes. The shower was a rousing success with delicious food, monogrammed gifts and mimosas. I am looking forward to shooting Rachel and Jeremy's rehearsal dinner in April! I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed capturing them.