Christine Cassano {Newnan Portrait Photographer}

I love, love being a photographer. There is nothing better to me than taking gorgeous photos of people and things. Two years ago my sister and I started a blog about our hometown. Coweta Life was founded to share the many wonderful businesses, culture, shops and restaurants that are in Coweta County. My sister is a very talented writer so putting that together with my photography was a natural fit. The best part about Coweta Life has been meeting so many wonderful people in the community. We are lucky that in Newnan we have the Newnan Artist Rez program in which artists come from all over the country to do an artist in residence at the adorable Gray Cottage. In April we were thrilled to meet and interview Phoenix artist Christine Cassano. I really wanted to share these photos here as well. Christine is an amazing artist and I really loved hearing and seeing the passion she has for her art. You can read more about Christine and find out about this specific project that I photographed on Coweta Life but I hope you enjoy these photos!