Baby K {Newnan Newborn Photographer}

I love, love newborn sessions. It is so special to be let into someone's home when they have just had a baby. I photograph babies when they are 5-7 days old so they are brand new! I love the process of coaxing little ones to sleep and capturing every sweet, new thing about them. Babies change so fast so capturing these first days are so priceless. Every newborn session is different based on the baby. Well Baby K was a rockstar! She was amazing during her session. I got so many sweet photos of her and I love them all so much!

Newnan Theatre Company {Newnan Portrait Photographer}

I think it is important to give back to my community which I like to do by volunteering my time and talent to different organizations and charities that I believe in. One of my favorite organizations in my local community is the Newnan Theatre Company. This is a terrific local theatre who puts on amazing shows and productions. I am thrilled to be able to donate my time to them by photographing their headshots and shows. When I was a teenager I had one brush with theatre when I had to go on and perform for my sister at the last minute due to her laryngitis. I knew all the lines since I had helped her practice so much. It was absolutely terrifying and I knew theatre wasn't for me. But I enjoy watching it so much. And there are so many talented people who perform at the Newnan Theatre Company. I strongly suggest you taking in a show there. Check their website for upcoming productions! Here are some of the photos I have taken at the Newnan Theatre Company over the last few years. 

Also, some of these photos are from me and Rebekah's Coweta Life blog post which you can view here!

Kalynn Newborn {Newnan Newborn Photographer}

I love photographing sweet newborns. Every time I take photos of babies in their first days of life  I feel it is so special. I am capturing a fleeting moment that the parents will remember the rest of their lives. I am taking photos that the kids will look at as their parents tell the stories of how their lives were changed forever. I feel it is a huge responsibility and an honor to capture these family heirlooms. Every newborn shoot is very special to me. But I must admit out of the many wonderful newborns I have photographed this was the most special. I have a very large extended family since my paternal Grandfather and Grandmother came from very large families. My Grandparents had one son and one daughter and within this immediate family my cousin was born 23 years ago. And that was the last baby in our immediate family until sweet baby Kalynn was born to my cousin. She is kind of a huge deal in our family! Kalynn was so good for her newborn session and slept most of the time. But she also was awake so we could see her pretty blue eyes. She is just the sweetest baby ever! I really love these photos of my cousin and his family! I hope you enjoy them too.

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Newnan Baby Photographer
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Family Fun

I had a blast with this fun family! We jumped around on giant, yellow dinosaurs, played with Cars toys and just had fun! Tristian and Joshua were full of energy and really loved when I let them push the camera button:-) They were so sweet towards their new baby sister Aria who was celebrating her one week birthday! She is the prettiest baby with a full head of beautiful hair. I really admire Kat and Thomas because they are so laid back and calm and you can just tell this is a family full of love. I hope you enjoy these photos and feel free to tell me what you think in the comment section.